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About Mortgages for Sale

mortgagesforsale.net, is a diversified real estate investment and management company operated by Summerlin Asset Management. Mortgages for Sale's expertise is the purchase, re-sale, and servicing of both performing and non-performing real estate notes secured by the deed of trust. Mortgages for Sale has been in operation for over three years acquiring various residential mortgage assets and whose CEO is Jim Stepanian.

Summerlin Asset Management delivers an equitable solution to banks, borrowers, and investors in the distressed residential mortgage market. In doing so, Summerlin Asset Management provides full transparency to its investors and employs a research-driven approach to the asset valuation, acquisition, compliance, and due diligence process on every project.

Our management team have been actively participating in the Distressed Real Estate Mortgage Industry for the last 4 years and have developed a sound understanding of the industry processes including legal references from past transactions

Summerlin Asset Management is committed to providing a mutually beneficial solution in today’s Distressed Real Estate Marketplace. We have designed streamlined processes for our acquisitions, asset management, and homeownership retention programs. After we acquire a 1st Trust Deed (mortgage), we offer borrowers several options so borrowers can retain their homes and successfully continue down the path of homeownership.

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